key cuts

Key Cuts

At our main shops we provide common key cuts for doors, garage, lockers and cars.

paint mix

Paint Mix

We also provide a 1000+ of colors from where you can choose and which can be mixed for interior paint or oil paint.

home deliveries

Home Deliveries

Door to door deliveries.

fire extinguishers services

Fire Extinguishers Services

Your fire extinguisher needs a service and your from gozo and its a hassle to travel to malta and pick it up again after a week? You can bring your own fire extinguisher at our main shop and we will take care of it.

applicances repaires

Applicances Repaires

You have a toaster or an electrical drill that stopped working? If the applicance is repairable, our technician is capable of get your applicance back to work.

home security

Home Security

You want to protect your family and home from burglaries? We offer a range of DVR which can also be accessed from the internet, so when you are abroad or away from home you still have an eye, and install it into your house.

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